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Road signs from the region

One piece shield Washington's one piece black and white highway shields have been popping up all over the state sarting about 1998 - 1999. The color scheme is similar to a traditional two piece sign. The size of the sign is not uniform. Washington has used one-piece black and white highway shields in the past, but usually the background was solid black. Washington also has green and white one piece state highway shields which have been in use since the 1980's.

Speed limit sign on Washington SR 260. The speed limit on rural Eastern Washington 2-lane highways is commonly 60 - 65 mph for cars. Trucks have a 60 mph speed limit. The rural interstates and US 395 between Ritzville and Pasco have a 70 mph speed limit.

Snoqalmie Pass Electronic variable speed limit sign

Ritzville I noticed this mileage sign on the old alignment of US 10 / 395 PSH 11 entering Ritzville from the south in May 2000. It's a wooden sign, and it most likely predates I 90. Although the main road through town is Business-90, this sign is still unusual on a business route. I have also found one of these on an old alignment of US 395 / PSH 11 south of Connell.

Sign Goofs!!

Someone at DOT was not paying attention when these were made. Of course, we all make mistakes. We're only human. It's just sometimes fun to point them out.

U.S. 101 now State 101 in Oregon?? I don't think so!!

SR10 sign goof - Oops!! I found this sign on Business 90 (old US 10 / 97 / PSH 3) just west of Ellensburg. It points to the "Dry Creek Connector" section of old US 10 / 97 / PSH 3. The signmaker must have been from Kentucky.

US 2/10/195/395 shield 2nd & Maple Streets, Spokane, Washington. US 10 has been decommissioned in the state and the other U.S. highways no longer follow this route through Spokane. In 1996 two overhead guide signs with the US 2/10/195/395 shield could still be found on Maple next to the 3rd & Maple Safeway. No reference was made to I-90 on these signs. By the time I got around to photographing them in May 2000, they had been removed. However, this route marker remained under the Burlington Northern / Santa Fe railroad overpass at 2nd & Maple. Incidentally, the new overhead guide signs on Maple between 3rd & the freeway still make no reference to I-90. They do point the way to US 2 and 395 (and I also believe US 195). This is one sign that I feel should remain for it's historical value.

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