These are some pictures I took while travelling some of the other highways in this region. The pictures are grouped by state. At the end I have listed links to other Pacific Northwest highway websites.

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US 97

US 97 Beebee Bridge over the Columbia River near Chelan, Washington.

US 395

US 395 Rizville - Tri Cities freeway at milepost 50.


SR 17 New interchange under construction at SR 26 near Othello.

SR 127

Central Ferry bridge

SR 165

Fairfax Bridge A historic bridge in Pierce County.

SR 503

Lewis River Bridge suspension bridge

SR 504

Hoffstadt Bluffs bridgeon Spirit Lake Memorial Highway.

SSH 11-A

State Secondary Highway 11-A (abandoned) Hanford Ferry landing.


Kalakala historic Black Ball and Washington State ferry




US 30

Vista House Columbia River Scenic Highway


US 101

U.S. 101 in the Redwoods   The remains from the 1964 flood.

Highway 36

view of Trinity County


Expo 86: Highway 86 A highway sculpture from the 1986 world's fair in Vancouver, B.C.

Road signs:

Signs and sign goofs.


Opening of Chinook Pass (WSDOT site)

Usually has good photos of snow removal operations.

Whittier Tunnel on the Alaska Railroad is now open to auto traffic!!


other Northwest roads sites:


Highways of Washington State Mark Bozanich's website

Highways in Washington State Marcus Duyzend's page. Descriptions of highways within Washington state

Washington State Highways Paul H. Henry's site.


Alaska Roads Oscar Voss

Idaho: Idaho Highways (Zach Maillard) This link is dead.

Oregon: Oregon Highways and Routes (Mike Wiley)

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