Highway Connections

Northwest public agencies:

Washington State Department of Transportation

------ WSDOT Projects

Idaho Transportation Department

State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities


Oregon Department of Transportation

Montana Department of Transportation

other Pacific Northwest highway websites:


Washington State End Photos  Washington Sate highway ends by SPUI

Highways of Washington State Mark Bozanich's website

Highways in Washington State Marcus Duyzend's page. Descriptions of highways within Washington state

Washington State Highways Paul H. Henry's site.


Alaska Roads Oscar Voss

Alaska-Canada (Alcan) Highway construction, US Army, World War II


Idaho Highways (Zach Maillard) This link is dead.


Montana Highways


Oregon Highways and Routes (Mike Wiley)


British Columbia:

British Columbia Highways

Numbered Highways in British Columbia   (Stefan Ewing)

selected websites from other regions:


DLK's Highway Page - Bay Area highways

Highwayman's Introduction Page - Central and Northern California highways

California Highways (Daniel P. Faigin)

Indigestion 238

Historic California US Highways


Illinois Highways


The Big Dig

New York:

Empire State Roads

http://www.nycroads.com/ New York (city) area roads



Texas Highway Man

Gribblenation  A wonderful website featuring roads in the eastern U.S.

many more highway websites can be accessed through Andy Field's Andy's Highway Kick-Off Page .


General Highway Related Sites:

Kurumi Sign Maker http://kurumi.com most signs on this site made with this tool

Andy's Highway Kick-Off Page Index of most highway sites in existence

misc.transport.road FAQ misc.transport.road FAQ and charter

Road Map Collectors Association

http://www.aaroads.com/ links to road websites in various parts of the country.

Gribblenation  A wonderful website featuring roads in the eastern U.S.

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