Welcome to my webpage. I hope you enjoy your visit. This site chronicles the history of the highways of the Pacific Northwest in words and pictures. News as of 1-25-2003:broken links:My web hosting service moved my site to a different server just before New Years'. As a result, some of the links do not work. I am working on fixing them. The future of this site: I have moved to Alaska, so I am not sure how much more content I am going to add to my site. I am still planning on adding sections for cancelled freeways in the Seattle / Tacoma area, a section on Old Blewett Pass, and possibly a small Alaska section, but beyond that there probably won't be much else. - Erick Johnson


I-90 page

I-5 page

I-82 / US 97 / SR 821 page

Yakima to Selah, WA


The bridges of US 101

Miscellaneous Northwest highways

Signs and Sign Goofs

Cancelled Freeways of Pugetopolis

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looking for official information on transportation projects in the state of Washington, such as the 2nd Tacoma Narrows Bridge or the Hood Canal Floating Bridge replacement? Go to the WSDOT Projects page. (This will take you to the state's website)
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